Program Application

Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
Cookie days 45 day(s)
Commission type Percent of Sale
Base commission 5.00%
Additional terms Pre-Made Paleo will issue payment via company check after an affiliate has reached $200 in commission and requests payment. Your commission percentage will be established on a per client basis and will be 5% unless offered otherwise.
Pre-Made Paleo is the first national company to package and deliver meals specifically for the Paleo Diet!

We believe Paleo Diet is the most comprehensive nutrition plan on the market today. Nothing is better at getting you through work, exercise and life, than Paleo. Of course, it is a strict diet,and those lacking the time and/ or culinary knowledge can quickly find themselves eating the same thing day after day. This is where we come in. We have created a menu of strict Paleo meals that are delicious, convenient to store and easy to prepare.

We prepare our meals with all organic vegetables. We use grass-fed beef and free-range chicken as well. In addition to preparing weekly meal plans, we also offer many of our dishes individually. Our goal is to provide the fresh and nutritious meals while providing excellent customer service.
Our affiliate program is a customized referral-based initiative with commission compensation. Pre-Made Paleo will qualify affiliates in the program. Sales promoted by affiliates will be credited for 45 days through cookies on their computers. Afterward, affiliates will need to re-issue there unique links in order to receive credit for sales. This can be, (recommended), done on a regular basis, (less then 45 days) as customers purchases using an affiliate link will always credit to the affiliate.

Affiliates engaging in Search Engine Marketing to include Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and /or pay per click advertising (PPC) to promote Pre-Made Paleo are not authorized to utilize or bid on keywords incorporating the "Pre-Made Paleo" trade name (A.K.A. branded terms) or any variation thereof. This includes possible misspellings, abbreviations, terms identical to restricted trade name but use the wrong case, and the merging of the restricted trade name with other terms, words or phrases. Affiliates are required to use the forbidden terms as negative keywords. Failure to add forbidden terms as negative keywords is a violation of the terms of the program.

Affiliates are not allowed to use any outside technology to access, crawl, acquire, copy, "deep-link," "inline-link" or "page-scrape." This includes the use of "robots," "spiders" or other automated devices, programs, algorithms, methodologies or monitor any portion of the web site. Affiliates site may not pull internet traffic away from Affiliates domain names can not contain any variation of the words Pre-Made Paleo at any time, nor can the site resemble Affiliates caught using outside technologies to compromise infrastructure and resources will be terminated from the program.